Arsenal very early showed instability

Already in the second round Arsenal showed why nobody thinks the team will be fighting for the Premier League title. Londoners lost to Stoke by 0: 1. The only downfall was made by debutant Hesse Rodriguez, who was attracted by PSG a few days ago. The Spaniard played an excellent match and scored at the start of the second half.

Mark Hughes’s team started actively, and the new Hesse addition started excellently. He was brought out of Fletcher in the fourth minute, overcame Mustafi. But Peter Chech came out and blocked his strike.

After the home side, Arsenal leveled the game and began to play more with the ball. Excellent play after a quarter hour of play brought Belerin into the penalty area but the opponent’s defense managed to keep up. A bit later Welbeck’s shot was saved by Butland. Stoke’s response was a wonderful counterattack. With Hesse again. The Spaniard broke through four Londoners and returned to Chupo-Moting. But the shot was weak and did not make it difficult for Chech.

In the middle of the first half. Shakuri left the pitch due to an injury and Berachino came in. Arsenal had the opportunity to find the score in the 28th minute. Centering of Josil on the far beam found Ramsey, but Butland managed to block the strike. Stoke replied with a snap shot of Shawkros. Who in a good position directed the ball incorrectly.

The heavy rain made it hard for players to reach the end of half time. But he could not stop Jo Allen. Welsh was put in a good position, but Chech came out and made him move away from the penalty area, then his shot was blocked.

Stoke managed to lead the very beginning of the second part. At his debut, Hesse opened the score. He received Berakinho in the penalty area and with a nice shot he sent the ball along Cheh. Arsenal tried to answer, reaching several positions. In the 62nd minute he could get a second goal. After a counterattack, Berakino’s shot from the left went wide.

Gradually the pressure of the Londoners began to increase and to the end they dominated. The hero of the match with Lester Olivier Girush appeared in the game. In the 72nd minute Lukaset sent the ball into the net with a nice shot. But the attack was canceled. Due to a rather controversial ambush. Guru missed the equalizer at the very end of the match when his head shot near the beam.